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From drew <>
Subject Re: The reason I removed the program called Open Office 3.4
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2012 14:43:40 GMT
On Sat, 2012-06-02 at 15:35 +0200, RGB ES wrote:
> 2012/6/2 Alexandro Colorado <>:
> > On 6/2/12, Wolf Halton <> wrote:
> >> When the US gov went to word from wordperfect sometime around 1994, pretty
> >> much everybody who interacted with the government went to MS Office within
> >> a year or so.
> >> I expect we will see a similar effect from Brazil and other governments
> >> moving to OFF.
> >> When I installed 3.4 on windows 7 and on Ubuntu Linux,  I was given an
> >> option to allow or not allow OO to open MS formats by default.  The problem
> >> may be that the default state of the check-boxes is for the file
> >> association to be with OO.
> >> Recently my copy of MS Office 2010 stole back the associations, so I had to
> >> fix them to point back to OO3.4. Thus I can appreciate the feelings of the
> >> original post.
> >
> > This goes with my point that this is an expected behavior of any
> > software. Including AOO, MSO has it, same as other non office software
> > like browsers, media players, zip utilities, etc.
> >
> > File association can be reversed from the OS level or also use the
> > Open with... option. So is not the end of the world or a "intrusive"
> > behavior. Like people here want us to think like.
> Of course it is not the end of the world, but it IS an intrusive
> behaviour: most PC users are completely illiterate on the
> administration of their own systems so asking them to *manually*
> change file association is like asking for building a rocket...
> AFAIK, AOO installer on windows ask for file association, but maybe
> not with enough insistence: while I agree that the "next, next, end +
> needed OK without thinking" culture on this day computer world is
> plain wrong, it is not our task to change it.
> Just my 2ยข
> Regards

Hi Ricardo

Well, I can not agree that the 'next, next...' culture is wrong - that
culture BTW is changing to just one click install. Soon IMO this small
number of steps to install an end user application will likely be
completely unacceptable.

There is no good reason that a person needs to know anything about the
OS for daily performance of their tasks, unless they want to enter the
field as a vocation or advocation.

Just my .02


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