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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: The new
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2012 20:05:35 GMT
Thank you Andre!

I normally dislike perl but external_libs.lst surely
looks nice now.

One wish for the future .. hmm.. if I use the external
package (for example for python) it would be nice to
disable downloading the corresponding tarballs too.

BTW, should I also upload the Category A tarballs to


--- Lun 4/6/12, Andre Fischer <> ha scritto:

> Da: Andre Fischer <>
> Oggetto: The new
> A:
> Data: Lunedì 4 giugno 2012, 11:45
> ... is called
> It is a rewrite in Perl with the following improvements:
> - There can be an arbitrary number of download sites. 
> In fact, I have added all original download sites that I
> could find (24 of the 38 category-A files, but only 4 of the
> 14 category-B files).
> - There can be several download sites per file.  If one
> does not work the next is tried.  This allows the use
> of as fallback for
> the original site and the SVN repository as a second
> fallback.
> - Each external library can be included or excluded
> conditionally.  For example the category-B libraries
> are now loaded only when category-B is enabled.  I used
> this for one other library, seamonkey.  Now it is
> loaded only when it is later built (in the moz module).
> - On Windows it is much faster when all tar-balls are
> already present eg when you just re-run configure with a
> different set of flags.  On my machine it runs in under
> 1 second instead of the 5 seconds of Perl
> can do most things in process for which
> had to run external programs.  These additional
> processes are apparently quite expensive.
> Some details:
> The download script is
> main/solenv/bin/ You will
> find it (I hope) well documented.
> The data file has a new format and I took the opportunity to
> rename it to main/external_libs.lst.  It is also
> documented and should not be too hard to figure out.
> Now the important part:
> It did not yet make it the default.  The changes are
> substantial and at a very central place.  In order to
> activate it just set the environment variable
> USE_NEW_EXTLIB_DOWNLOAD to something, before bootstrap is
> called:
> I tested it on Windows, Linux, and Mac but there are so many
> combinations of configure switches that I may have missed
> one that does not yet work with the new download script.
> Please try it and tell me about any errors.
> I hope this helps in our quest to solve the category-B
> questions.
>     Andre

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