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From drew <>
Subject Final look at art work ( Re: First Year Anniversary - party CD)
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2012 21:01:28 GMT
On Wed, 2012-06-13 at 13:36 -0700, Kay Schenk wrote:
> On 06/13/2012 03:26 AM, drew wrote:
> > On Wed, 2012-06-13 at 11:11 +0100, sebb wrote:
> >> On 13 June 2012 01:33, drew<>  wrote:
> >>> On Wed, 2012-06-13 at 00:28 +0100, sebb wrote:
> >>>> On 12 June 2012 22:34, drew<>  wrote:
> >>>>> On Wed, 2012-06-06 at 18:48 -0400, drew wrote:
> >>>>>> I would like to propose that we treat the 13th of the month
as our 1st
> >>>>>> Anniversary and would like to do the following for the occasion:
> >>>>>>
> >>>>> <snip>
> >>>>>
> >>>>>> I would like to release two CD iso images, Windows and Mac on
the 13th
> >>>>>> of this month.
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>> Howdy,
> >>>>>
> >>>>> Alright - well, cutting it right down to the end on time here.
> >>>>>
> >>>>> I just want to be sure, as I'm not sure this is right branding wise
- if
> >>>>> you anyone sees a problem with this let me know, I don't mind re-working
> >>>>> things. I also won't be offended if anyone says hold up..
> >>>>>
> >>>>> Here is the final cut on five items:
> >>>>>
> >>>>> A disk label:
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>> Envelope/Sleeve cover:
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>> Cut/Fold Envelope:
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>> CD/DVD tall case cover:
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>> A4 poster:
> >>>>>
> Drew--
> Any chance these could be made a bit more generic and uploaded to the
> marketing/art area?
> and...where can folks get the downloads?
> I don't see them on (???)

Howdy all,

OK - well I know it seems I've been lolly-gagging here, well maybe a
little, but I've also managed to get a few things further along.

First - @Kay, about more generic artwork - sure I could and would do
that, though given some of the recent email threads I'm not really sure
that is what folks would want, but I'm open to it.

Second - license. It made sense to me to license the actual iso image
and the associated label/packaging artwork as CC-by-nd, which would
allow the disk to be manufactured and distributed without but _only_ it
it is in no way altered. The links above (except the poster) have been
updated to reflect that change.

Third - the actual html files for the disk. I started with a few of the
pages from the website, and then after following along the thread here
about just that got a little concerned - so I've made good number of
changes to the look of the pages, so that it does not mimic too closely
the actual web pages (all of which are under ALv2). That is for all
intent an purpose done now.

Fourth - I've requested permission to include the Getting Started with
Apache OpenOffice version 3.4 Guide from ODF authors. The guide is still
in a draft state in their CMS system, but appears to me in a reasonable
shape to ship. You can see find that file at:

I send email to the group there just to be sure that there is not some
glaring whole that I've missed in the document during my cursory review.
IF ANYONE ELSE would like to help review that, it would certainly be a
help, the more eyes the better.

Also, I'll be working on cover art (front and back) for that document
tonight and as soon as that is finished will include that in the
trademark request - and of course offering the work back to ODF Authors
for inclusion, if they want it.

Finally - @Kay again - as for where folks will be able to download the
image from, not fully decided yet - I could handle distributing ~200
copies of that a month given the band width on the server I rent, but
I'm more worried that there be a permanent address for folks to report
any deficiencies and the like so really thinking of using sourceforge,
it's not much to put a project together there. Either way I have to do
it tonight before I button up the files as they will need to include
that link.

So - that's it for the moment - I really am going to try an have this
all wrapped up and ready for a full review, before I turn in tonight.
Speaking of which I was thinking maybe the best way to let people review
the HTML files would be to simply push it up the same location as that
label art and folks to browse it that way - along with a copy of the iso
for anyone that wants to give that a go instead.


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