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From Graham Lauder>
Subject Re: [UX] The Questions for users
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2012 14:42:54 GMT
> Hi.
> Questions relating to research!
> We aren't in order to adjust.
> Sorry long text.
> Legend:
> - Questions
> -->Response options.
> ***
> - How old are you ?
> - What S.O you use ?
> -->Linux
> -->Mac
> -->Windows
> -->other [what]
> - Use of Linux ? Wich graphic interface:
> -->GNOME
> -->KDE
> -->Lxde
> -->Others [what]
> - Where do you use Apache OpenOffice?
> -->Home
> -->Office
> -->Company
> -->Telecenter
> -->Others [whatl]
> -Where to get support ?
> -->Manuals
> -->Mailling list
> -->Search
> -->Friends
> -->Others [what]
> -Where do you want to get support ?
> -->Manuals
> -->Mailing list
> -->Search
> -->Friends
> -->Others [whatl]
> -How often do you use Apahce OpenOffice ?
> -->Sometimes
> -->With frequency
> -->Daily
> - How much time you spend on the computer ?
> -->30 min to 1 hora
> -->1h to 3h
> -->3h to 5h
> -->More of 8h
> - As you consider using the computer ?
> -->Beginner
> -->intermediate
> -->Advanced (expert)
> -How important computer for you:
> -->unimportant
> -->insignificant
> -->Very Important
> -How do you consider a nice software?
> -->With enough buttons
> -->Buttons significant
> -->Buttons simple and agile
> -->Results
> -->Buttons and good visual meanings.
> ***
> Accepted reviews and more questions.

Each survey has to generate information that guides and informs decisions.  

For each question we should ask ourselves, why do we need to know this? What 
is the reason for this query.  What advance - enhancement - feature will be 
generated or affected by a majority response for one particular selection.  

So each survey therefore, has to have a specific reason for being.  We have 
come to a point where there are a number of possibilities.  We need user input 
to steer us down the right road.

For this questionairre we have not decided what these parameters are, we have 
the cart before the horse.

Our users do us a huge favour by participating in a survey, for them it is a 
substantial cost in time and effort for no percievable reward.  While it is 
necessary obviously to think of the value of the survey to the project we need 
to think about our users and what encourages them to take part and how do we 
make the survey a pleasurable experience for them.

This is a statistic that is a warning about not considering our respondents.  
The old OOo had a "registration" thing at first run.  It directed the user to 
a user survey.  It was long and complex and badly targeted. Several hundred 
million downloads resulted in a few tens of thousands respondents, an almost 
unmeasurable fraction of one percent response.

Perhaps the first survey we should conduct is a survey about what sort of 
surveys our users would respond to.


PS I have made a few comments on the wiki page with regard to the questions 


> Albino

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