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From Ariel Constenla-Haile <>
Subject Re: a question of Export custom file format?
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 09:15:32 GMT
Hi 蜗牛

On Wed, Jun 06, 2012 at 12:23:44PM +0800, 蜗牛 wrote:
> HI:
> I need to develop an extension program of openoffice's write, 
> the extended function is export a custom file format
> , the file format similar as PDF file format ,
> But not the PDF file format.
> I analyzed the export of PDF files ,the Function  through VCL output.
> I have two question as below:
> 1)Such  need can be achieved in extension of openoffice's write?

Export/Import filters can be developed as UNO components and deployed in

> 2) Can I use calss VirtualDevice calss GDIMetaFile interface---
> Reference <XRenderable> xRenderable (mxSrcDoc, UNO_QUERY) in
> openoffice's write?

No, you cannot use this classes if you are developing an *extension*.
Extensions are only allowed to link against URE libraries, not the core
application libraries. This means, in an extension you can only use the
API as described in its reference
and in the Developers Guide

That said, I'm not sure what your trying to achieve; are you willing
to develop an extension, or planning to hack on the core source code?

Ariel Constenla-Haile
La Plata, Argentina

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