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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject [UX] Working with old UX wiki pages
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2012 14:11:23 GMT
Hi all,

there exists a lot of UX relevant pages in the MediaWiki. There had been 
a lot of ideas and wishes on the 
recently. I have pointed them to Bugzilla and to these UX pages. But 
that seems to be wrong.

I think, that a decision is needed, how to handle this stuff in future. 
I see this problems:

Currently some (all?) pages are assigned to category 'outdated', but 
that is not very obvious.

Most of this pages have the template {{user experience}} integrated. My 
suggestion is, to put a note into this template.

At OOo times there was only the MediaWiki. But now we have the MediaWiki 
and the CWiki. My suggestion is, to use the MediaWiki only for those 
things, which are not connected with core development and not connected 
with community building. With this premise, UX work should be on the 
CWiki. That Wiki is writable for all too, so it would be no constrain in 

UX had a project "Better defaults". I thing it is worth to continue. 
"Better defaults" are often small changes which might be suitable for 
development beginners to explore the source and can be used as "easy 
hack", if they find an experienced developer to guide.

Kind regards

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