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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [Request] Korean language pack and id for pootle server
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2012 15:20:56 GMT
Hi JiHui Choi,

first of all thanks for joining the mailing list and offering your help.

On 6/1/12 5:05 PM, Jihui Choi wrote:
> Hello, all.
> My name is Jihui Choi.
> I'd like to give some help for Korean l10n. I was a member of Korean
> translation team of OOo and I translated OOo getting started.
> Recently OOo 3.4 was released, but there's no korean language pack.
> I was told because no one asked it and no one can maintain korean translation.
> If it's ok, I can maintain korean translation.
> And I couldn't find any link for registeration of pootle server.
> How can I get login id?

On the pootle server it is only possible to get a login as committer. We
know that this a limitation you have 2 other options.

If you are able to work offline directly on the po files, I can send you
the files via email. And when you have finished the work you can send
the files back to me.

Or you can make suggestion as unknown on pootle and inform me when you
have finished the work. A committer have to review your changes and can
accept them.

I know it is not very convenient but the only possibility we have right now.

But I am trying to work with volunteers to establish them as soon as
possible in the project.

When you are interested to get deeper involved in the project over time
you might think about sending the iCLA back to Apache. More information
about the iCLA and the reason why it is important for us here at Apache
can find here

iCLA can be found here

Please let me know which way you prefer and I will send you the po files

I am working also on preparing some basic information how new
translators can start...

Thanks again


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