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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [Draft] How to Help Translate Apache OpenOffice
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2012 16:05:54 GMT
On 6/4/12 5:15 PM, Rob Weir wrote:
> I'm putting this draft together, not because I have all the answers,
> but because I think I have most of the questions.  Hopefully others
> can help fill in the details.  When complete, this can go onto the
> website and we can have a blog post to call for more translation
> volunteers.

you are faster than I ;-)

I would create a new wiki page and would like to update the wiki page

> ---------------------------------------------------------
> =How to Help Translate Apache OpenOffice=
> ==Introduction==
> OpenOffice traditionally has had excellent localization support,
> especially with its support of over 100 languages, including many
> minority languages that are not commonly supported in commercial
> products.  Our community-led, all-volunteer, open source development
> model facilitates this.
> Each new version of OpenOffice requires the translations to be
> updated, to add translations for terms and phrases that have been
> added or changed in the product.  So maintaining support for any given
> translation is an ongoing effort, requiring volunteers to help keep
> the translations current, complete and accurate.
> A list of translations available in the most-recent release of Apache
> OpenOffice can be found here:
> A larger list of languages, including ones that have incomplete
> translations are listed here:
> [ Is that the correct URL?  There were other AOO-related projects on
> Pootle as well. ]

the url is correct for the UI, we have a separate project for the help

> [ Also, is that the entire list of PO files or do we have others?  I
> thought we had more than 71 languages ]

no I think we have more, I have started to integrated all po's we have
in the repo but have had problems with some of them. This work have to
be finished...

> ==How to Help==
> First, register your interest.   We track a list of volunteers
> interested in helping with each language on our wiki here: XXXX
> [ This doesn't exist yet, but I propose adding it ]

yes, but we should create one to track the progress and to know who is
working on the different languages. Good to know whom to contact ;-)

I will do that ...

> You should add your name to that list, and send an email to
> to introduce yourself and your interest
> in helping with that language.
> [ I'd love to start a new list, to
> handle this and the following translation coordination issues ]

I would propose (otherwise i18n)

> If a build with your language already exists, you should download and
> install.  If you find errors in the translation, you can report it
> directly as a bug report in Bugzilla
> ( or
> enter a suggested fix into Pootle (more on Pootle below).
> If a build is not yet ready for your language, then that typically
> means that the translation is not yet complete.  You can help finish
> the translation in several ways:
> 1) You can send a note to the ooo-dev list [or ooo-i10n list if we
> make one] requesting the PO file for that language.  This file can be
> loaded into a translation management tool where you can edit the
> translation.  When done, or when you've make progress that you want to
> verify, you can submit the new PO file as an attachment in Bugzilla.
> This approach works well if you are the only person working on a
> translation.
> [ I need a list of some suggested tools that can be used with PO files ]


A tool to verify the sdf files

> 2) You can suggest translations on our Pootle server:
>   Logins to Pootle are
> reserved for project "Committers" (those volunteers who have
> demonstrated sustained contributions to the project and have been
> voted in as committers).  So initially you will need to work with
> Pootle via suggestions.  But translators who have made substantial
> contributions via their efforts are regularly give Committer rights.
> 3) Whichever method you use, when you have completed the initial
> translation, send a note to ooo-dev  [or ooo-i10n list if we make
> one].  At that point we can make a special test build of Apache
> OpenOffice for you to review.  If more changes are required in the
> translation, we can iterate on these steps, making changes, making new
> test builds, etc.
> Note:  This process works best if there is a community of users
> supporting the effort, and not just a single translator.  The
> additional users, even if they cannot help with the translation
> directly, they can help review the test build and point out errors in
> translation, as well as other localization errors.  Others on the
> OpenOffice project might be able to help you find other interested
> users, so let us know, via a note to the ooo-dev list [or ooo-i10n
> list if we make one], if you want that help.
> -------------------------------
> [ Anything else we should add?   I assume we already have more on the
> website someplace on the technical details of translation, dealing
> with formatting strings and other non-translatable content, dealing
> with substitutions in a string, etc. ]
> [ A separate topic, and one where we could use an equivalent document,
> would be How to Help Translate the Website ]

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