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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Language analysis -> pootle and repo
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 13:34:40 GMT

I have checked the languages that we have in our repository with the
languages on pootle etc.

I found several languages in our repo that are not yet on pootle. And I
have identified some languages of them that are not known to pootle at
all on [1]. And for some languages codes I have no idea and would like
to ask you for help:

English Name    ISO        Pootle known
Assamese        as             no
?               be_BY          no
Breton	        br             yes
?               brx
?               ca_XV                       ca = Catalan
Dogri	        dgo            no
Greek	        el             yes
Esperanto       eo             yes
Basque	        eu             yes
Croatian        hr             yes
Lojban          jbo            yes
?               kab                         ka = Georgian
Kazakh          kk             yes
Khmer           km             yes
?               kok                         ko = Korean
Kashmiri        ks             no
Maithili        mai            yes
Macedonian      mk             yes
Mongolian       mn             yes
?               mni                         mn = Mongolian
Burmese         my             no
Nepali          ne             yes
?               nr
?               ny
(Afan) Oromo    om             no
?               pa_IN                       pa = Punjabi
Romanian        ro             yes
Kinyarwanda     rw             no
?               sa_IN                       sa = Sanskrit
?               sat
?               sc
Sindhi          sd             no
Serbo-Croatian  sh             no
Sinhala         si             yes
Slovenian       sl             yes
Serbian         sr             yes
Siswati         ss             no
?               sw_TZ                       sw = Swahili
Tajik           tg             yes
Setswana        tn             no
Tsonga          ts             no
Uyghur          ug             yes
Uzbek           uz             yes
Xhosa           xh             no

I think it is probably ok to use:

pa_IN = Punjabi (India)
sa_IN = Sanskrit (India)
sw_TZ = Swahili (Tansania)

Can anybody help with the others and have an idea about the plural
header for the po files? See [1]




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