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From Kay Schenk <>
Subject *DRAFT* June board report...please help
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 20:34:29 GMT
OK, here's a draft -- Dennis is working on getting me actual "people" 
numbers later today, so what I have here in terms of new committers is 
just a (bad) guess. And, duh -- we only report in March, June, 
September, December, so what I have here in terms of what we've been 
doing since March is probably way, way off... Please update as you see fit!

I now have an incubator wiki account so I will happily post when we're done

== proposed June AOO report ==

*Project Name and Brief Description*

OpenOffice (was

* OpenOffice entered incubation 2011-06-13

OpenOffice is an open-source, office-document productivity suite 
providing six productivity applications based around the OpenDocument 
Format (ODF). OpenOffice is released on multiple platforms.  Its 
localizations  have supported 110 languages worldwide.

* Most Important Items To Address Toward Graduation *

   1. Review of distributed articles to ensure compliance with ASF policy
   2. Given the size and scope of OpenOffice, continue work on 	 
"community readiness" espeically with refgard to
     organization and communication style.
   3. Increase size and diversity of the active development community

We have started preliminary discussion concerning graduation, and are 
putting renewed emphasis on the above items
as we would like to propose graduation within the next month.

* Issues for IPMC or ASF Board Awareness *

   - None

* Community Development Progress *

   - Since our last report we have voted in 5 (?) new Committers/PPMC 
   - Since our last report, one committer/PPMC member has resigned
   - We have improved to act more as a self organized project to address
     and solve project related topics (eg. budget transfer from SPI, 
forum moderation).
   - We accepted an offer from SourceForge to host our older 3.3 version 
and provide client installs of our latest release 3.4.
This decision was arrived after much discussion among members and 
consulation with mentors.
   - Due to heightened interest, we are putting more resources 
(services, volunteers) into translation efforts
   - We are putting more effort into addressing trademark and 
third-party distributin requests. Ongoing emphasis as to
     how to accomodate and track these requests is becoming an important 
   - We are putting renewed emphasis on recruitment to assist with 
maintaiing now abandoned former native-language project web sites.

* Project Development Progress *

   - We released Apache OpenOffice 3.4 on May 8, 2012.
     This release included:
       Five different client platform install versions in 15 languages
       Source tarbalss in Engligh
       Software development kit packaging for 5 platforms
       Language packs for 15 languages

     A summary of downloads for the installs can be found at:

	We would like to publicly acknowledge the efforts of our mentors, the 
Apache infrastructure team, and the wonderful folks at SourceForge in 
making this release a success!

   - We are currently working on an alternate repository for category-B 
code to comply with graduation requirements
   - Prepartion was made in May for importing IBM Symphony changes into 
the OpenOffice repository
     This should be complete by the time of the June board meeting.
   - Work is continuing on making translation processes easier for 
volunteers. Currently, only committers can access the Pootel server.
   - Testing and implementation of old update service for OpenOffice has 
been accomplished. This service is for older OpenOffice clients to 
identify updates and, optionally, install an update if available.
   - !!!! need and update on this one and the mailing list numbers!!:
     Community support forums remain popular with users, hitting a new
     concurrency record (296)


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