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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Propose to Integrate Old OO Wiki and New AOO Wiki
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 08:45:12 GMT
Hi all,

chengjh schrieb:
> Hi,
> We see,the old wiki
>  has accumulated plenty
> of valuable information,including planning,function specification,technical
> documents and so on..Currently,the planning and project tracking parts have
> been moved to
>,that means a
> new start of the project.Because the two wikis are two different wiki
> software systems,moreover, there are existing different writing styles
> between them and writers need accounts for them respectively, it is not
> convenient for writers to write wiki articles when switching between
> them...So, I propose to create a new wiki for developers to record
> technical documents,technical review,proposals/ideas,function specification
> and design,and so on by sub-project categories, for example,we can move the
> scope of teams section from the old OO wiki to the new wiki, or *extend the
> scope of to
> include these areas. *Thus, in the future,the new wiki will only keep a
> link to the old OO wiki which takes as the history data and continue to
> accumulate new project data to benefit the project and contributors..Please
> comment...thanks.

I see such new content already in the MediaWiki. In the beginning I 
thought cwiki would be the right place for project content. But in 
reality people use the MediaWiki. For example the new start of UX, use 
of SVN, explanation to DrawingLayer changes, where written in the MediaWiki.

MediaWiki use is common and many people know to use. You can easily get 
help on using it and converter exists, in contrast to Cwiki. MediaWiki 
has a lot of features which make it attractive to readers and editors as 

Do you know, that the MediaWiki has about 11000 pages? The problem is 
not that some of them are outdated. The problem of outdated content 
would arise with a new, active used wiki very quickly too. The problem 
is to have members, which feel responsible for an area.

There are parts in the MediaWiki which you cannot simple discontinue, 
for example the Developer's Guide (linked from the SDK) and the Calc 
functions reference (linked from the help).

For that reasons, I favor to use the MediaWiki as the only Wiki and drop 
the use of CWiki.

Kind regards

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