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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Propose to Integrate Old OO Wiki and New AOO Wiki
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 09:04:01 GMT
Herbert Duerr wrote:
> Speaking of the OOo/AOO Wiki community the Wiki has been a target of
> attacks by Spambots or Annoybots for a long time. ...
> Whatever is decided to become the new Wiki I hope it is more
> resilient against these attacks as we are a high profile target getting
> plenty of page hits on the Wiki and there are also some people that
> really want our project to die and put some effort into it.

I don't really know whether spam attacks are made to deliberately damage 
this project or just to spam, but it's simpler to believe they are just 

What is interesting/amusing is that I noticed a consistent pattern of 
spam registrations in the OpenOffice and LibreOffice wikis over the last 
weeks (i.e., the same extremely long username being registered on one 
wiki and, just seconds/minutes later, on the other one).

So at least the two projects have common spammers! Now it would be 
really nice to cooperate on fighting spam, since this just involves good 
will and common sense and it does not interfere with licenses, 
contributor agreements, corporate interests...


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