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From "O.Felka" <>
Subject Re: Installation Experience and Feedback
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2012 13:53:53 GMT

>>> AFAICT, the unpacked files are only needed for installation, and one
>>> still has the initial download, so why clutter up the disk?
>> this is not true. The unpacked files are needed for the so called
>> 'maintenance mode': Starting the setup from the control panel offers you
>> a repair and a modify mode. That's what the unpacked files are needed
>> for.
>> What we might delete is the packed file.
> But do we really need the maintenance mode?  There are not that many
> applications on my system that offer one.  We are talking about 130 MB
> of additional disk space.

As long as we don't install the complete office we need the maintenance 
Applications that don't offer several modules as AOO does don't need a 
'Modify' mode.
If we want to offer to install e.g. only the Calc application we need 
the maintenance mode for these users that wants to use the Writer to a 
later time also.
The 'Repair' option is also a part of the maintenance mode.

As have written before, it's an option to delete the unpacked file to 
save disk space. The unpacked files can be used easier to distribute the 
AOO without downloading.
In times of hard disks with TB size saving 130 MB is not so important 
for me.


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