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From Andre Fischer>
Subject Re: Installation Experience and Feedback
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2012 14:37:22 GMT
On 11.06.2012 15:53, O.Felka wrote:
>>>> AFAICT, the unpacked files are only needed for installation, and one
>>>> still has the initial download, so why clutter up the disk?
>>> this is not true. The unpacked files are needed for the so called
>>> 'maintenance mode': Starting the setup from the control panel offers you
>>> a repair and a modify mode. That's what the unpacked files are needed
>>> for.
>>> What we might delete is the packed file.
>> But do we really need the maintenance mode?  There are not that many
>> applications on my system that offer one.  We are talking about 130 MB
>> of additional disk space.
> As long as we don't install the complete office we need the maintenance
> mode.
> Applications that don't offer several modules as AOO does don't need a
> 'Modify' mode.
> If we want to offer to install e.g. only the Calc application we need
> the maintenance mode for these users that wants to use the Writer to a
> later time also.
> The 'Repair' option is also a part of the maintenance mode.

The question is whether there are more people annoyed by a folder on 
their desktop that contains files that hardly ever used or users that 
install only a part of the application then change their mind later.

> As have written before, it's an option to delete the unpacked file to
> save disk space. The unpacked files can be used easier to distribute the
> AOO without downloading.
> In times of hard disks with TB size saving 130 MB is not so important
> for me.

Maybe not for you.

> Groetjes,
> Olaf

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