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From Peter Brawley <>
Subject Re: Installation Experience and Feedback
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2012 15:33:17 GMT
On 2012-06-10 7:18 PM, sebb wrote:
> On 9 June 2012 14:57, O.Felka<>  wrote:
>> Am 09.06.2012 14:22, schrieb sebb:
>>>>> AFAICT, the unpacked files are only needed for installation, and one
>>>>> still has the initial download, so why clutter up the disk?
>>>> this is not true. The unpacked files are needed for the so called
>>>> 'maintenance mode': Starting the setup from the control panel offers you
>>>> a
>>>> repair and a modify mode. That's what the unpacked files are needed for.
>>> In that case, they really should *not* be placed on the desktop.
>>> Nor under TEMP of course.
>>> I don't know what the Windows standard location for such things is,
>>> but it's certainly not the desktop.
>> On Vista and 7 it could be "c:\Users\<user name>\Downloads\".
> I don't think downloads is suitable either.
> It's not actually a download once it has been unpacked and installed -
> it's effectively part of the installation, and so should be somewhere
> where it is unlikely to be deleted.
> It should be probably somewhere like "Documents and Settings", in a
> hidden directory such as Application Data or Local
> Settings\Application Data.

It should be in the folder named by the TEMP environment variable.



> Microsoft must have a convention for where such installation support
> files should go.
>> Who remembers Win XP?
> I still use it. AIUI, many businesses still use it, partly because
> Vista was not very popular.
>>> And of course, if the user decides to remove the application, it
>>> should remove the unpacked files as well.
>> I don't know any software behaving like that so I don't think that we need
>> that. If the user is deinstalling for a new install he needs these files.
>> And in case someone has installed from a CD it doesn't make sense.
>>>> What we might delete is the packed file.
>>> Only if this is agreed by the user.
>> As always when deleting useful files.

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