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From Albino B Neto <>
Subject [UX] The Questions for users
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2012 22:42:14 GMT

Questions relating to research!

We aren't in order to adjust.

Sorry long text.

- Questions
-->Response options.

- How old are you ?

- What S.O you use ?
-->other [what]

- Use of Linux ? Wich graphic interface:
-->Others [what]

- Where do you use Apache OpenOffice?
-->Others [whatl]

-Where to get support ?
-->Mailling list
-->Others [what]

-Where do you want to get support ?
-->Mailing list
-->Others [whatl]

-How often do you use Apahce OpenOffice ?
-->With frequency

- How much time you spend on the computer ?
-->30 min to 1 hora
-->1h to 3h
-->3h to 5h
-->More of 8h

- As you consider using the computer ?
-->Advanced (expert)

-How important computer for you:
-->Very Important

-How do you consider a nice software?
-->With enough buttons
-->Buttons significant
-->Buttons simple and agile
-->Buttons and good visual meanings.

Accepted reviews and more questions.


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