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From RGB ES <>
Subject Re: [UX]A bit of "brainstorming" on the forums
Date Sat, 09 Jun 2012 17:21:29 GMT
2012/6/7 RGB ES <>:
> At the ES forums we started a small experiment: a section(1) to
> present and discuss ideas about the program. This experiment can be
> viewed as a "first run" were people can share their ideas and interact
> with others to see if it is a good idea (or not) and express it the
> best possible way. The goal is to arrive to a valid enhancement
> request.
> Let's see what happens. If the experiment makes sense, maybe we can
> start thinking of a way to extend it.
> Regards
> Ricardo
> (1)

We ended this week with a bug report(1) and a small feature
request(2): not bad... ;)

The story for the feature request is interesting, because it started
with something quite BIG (the autofilter understanding if the data is
sorted on a certain way or not, to suggest the appropriate filter) and
evolved to something really simple and useful (just add more options
to the default autofilters --right now there is only one option, "Top
10") so I think discussing the ideas before sending them is a really
good practice.

Of course a "critical mass" of interested users is needed and I don't
think we will be able to come with something every week, but it is a
good start, IMO.


(1) Bug 119933 - Starbasic command FORMAT fails when changing accented
character to ALL CAPS

(2) Bug 119936 - Add an option "Smaller 10" to default AutoFilter

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