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From RGB ES <>
Subject Re: [UX] Working with old UX wiki pages
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2012 21:34:24 GMT
2012/6/1 Regina Henschel <>:
> Hi all,
> there exists a lot of UX relevant pages in the MediaWiki. There had been a
> lot of ideas and wishes on the recently. I
> have pointed them to Bugzilla and to these UX pages. But that seems to be
> wrong.
> I think, that a decision is needed, how to handle this stuff in future. I
> see this problems:
> (1)
> Currently some (all?) pages are assigned to category 'outdated', but that is
> not very obvious.
> Most of this pages have the template {{user experience}} integrated. My
> suggestion is, to put a note into this template.
> (2)
> At OOo times there was only the MediaWiki. But now we have the MediaWiki and
> the CWiki. My suggestion is, to use the MediaWiki only for those things,
> which are not connected with core development and not connected with
> community building. With this premise, UX work should be on the CWiki. That
> Wiki is writable for all too, so it would be no constrain in participation.

+1. We can use MediaWiki for tutorials and documentation, and CWiki
for planning and development.

> (3)
> UX had a project "Better defaults". I thing it is worth to continue. "Better
> defaults" are often small changes which might be suitable for development
> beginners to explore the source and can be used as "easy hack", if they find
> an experienced developer to guide.



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