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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Moving Category-B tarballs (was Re: [PROPOSAL] Starting the graduation process)
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2012 09:07:39 GMT
On 1 June 2012 09:50, J├╝rgen Schmidt <> wrote:
> On 6/1/12 9:47 AM, Ross Gardler wrote:
>> Sent from my mobile device, please forgive errors and brevity.
>> On May 31, 2012 5:26 PM, "Pedro Giffuni" <> wrote:


>>> I admit this is very clear. I don't expect such development to be
>>> a requirement for graduation but the transitory situation of a source
>>> release that depends on carrying category-B tarballs in SVN now is
>>> not really acceptable.
>> I do expect this to be sorted out before graduation.
> it is addressed already
>> That might be as simple as getting clarity on the policy, it might be more
>> than that. However, as a mentor I am uncertain about the practice adopted
>> here and as such will not encourage the IPMC to vote for graduation until
>> someone in the PPMC gets clarity.
> what do you expect?

Someone needs to take out all the rhetoric and abstract concepts. Pick
any one of the cat-b cases and describe *exactly* how it is addressed
in that case and *exactly* how this conforms to documented ASF

Once we have clarity on the first case we can ask whether any of the
other cases are different and then examine those.

> Should we remove all this dependencies and make AOO more or less
> unusable or better uninteresting for real usage?

I am making no comment on what the technical solution is.

I want to see consensus. Consensus cannot be gained by shouting at one
another about vague examples. I want concrete examples on a case by
case basis until nobody is objecting or until the issues can be
clearly communicated to either the IPMC or legal@ so that a
clarification of ASF policy can be made.

> Anyway I think we tried everything to address this and we still work on
> improvements step by step. If that is not enough for graduation I would
> feel very unsatisfied.

It is, and always has been, a condition of graduation that the IP
situation in the project conforms to ASF policies. There is a question
about these tarballs and it must be resolved before graduation.


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