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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: official logos ???
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2012 23:29:15 GMT
On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 5:55 PM, Kay Schenk <> wrote:
> On 06/11/2012 02:40 PM, Rob Weir wrote:
>> On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 4:58 PM, Kay Schenk<>  wrote:
>>> I'm starting to do some work on the "Distributor FAQ" (up soonish on the
>>> wiki for comments) and have come to a bit of an issue with regard to the
>>> actual display and download areas of our "official" logos. (If this has
>>> been
>>> discussed before, please excuse me here.)
>>> On the website, the "official" logo is here:
>> That is a 300x150px PNG file.   So I believe that is only a copy of
>> our official logo.   The original logo should be a vector image, like
>> SVG.
> well...OK, I don't know where it is :/
>>> However, we are no longer using this, yet I think it's still considered
>>> an
>>> "official" logo.
>> Isn't that logo used in OOo 3.3, and we continue to distribute OOo 3.3?
> ah are correct
>>> We have a  reference to the new "Get It Here"
>>> on our Trademarks page
>>> which references the "project" directory
>> So that logo is a small PNG as well, not the original source.  Drew
>> posted the source file on the wiki.
>>> So, two questions...
>>> -- should any logos that we currently use on
>>> be moved to the project images area as well.
>>> I'm thinking only of the one we currently use on the web server, and
>>> maybe
>>> the older one as well.
>>> -- do we want to change
>>> only the logos that are *in* the project images area.
>> OK.  So as you point out, what we have today is a mess ;-)
> yes, and I don't like messes... :)
>> I'd recommend that we aim for a single location for the image source
>> files.  So, we have a place where we can keep the original source
>> files for any important logos. This would include our current
>> "official" logos, our accessory logos like the "Get it here!" logo, as
>> well as source for the legacy logos.  Why bother with legacy logos?
>> Because they may have graphical elements that we want to reuse in
>> future logos.   If we can't find source for a particular logo, then we
>> store the highest resolution, least compressed version of the bitmap
>> image that we can find.
>> If we have the original source collected in some consistent way then I
>> think we can be less concerned about the rasterized versions.  There
>> might be several places where these are stored.  (And they are not so
>> much "stored" as "used".)  For example, one might be on the website
>> (ooo-site in Subversion) while another copy might be in a product
>> directory because it is used in the UI.  Another version might be on
>> the wiki, or on the blog's media library.   There may be some
>> advantages to trying to clean this all up and say here is the single
>> one place where the raster images are stored, but that sounds like a
>> lot of work.  And in some cases this might not be possible, since the
>> image may need slight tweaking.  For example, one use might need an
>> alpha transparency channel, while another use needs an explicit white
>> background.
>> -Rob
> OK...I will try to "find" svg versions of these -- I did see what Drew
> posted on the wiki; still looking for the OOo 3.3 one. I don't think these
> should permanently live on the wiki. My feeling is that need to be in a
> "safer" environment.
> It seems many of these were under the "marketing" area in the past.
> Although I don't find sources, svg, there.

Looking at ooo-site:

The command: find . -name '*.svg'


./content/it/contribuire/images/dashboard (5).svg
./content/it/contribuire/images/lock (1).svg
./content/it/contribuire/images/ok (3).svg

I haven't looked at these in detail, but from the names, the files in
content/marketing/art/galleries sound like they might be relevant.

> Any suggestions as to  where do we want these to live?

If those logos are the ones we want, maybe extend the existing
directory structure to include the AOO logos, as well as CD artwork,

>>> Thanks.
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