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From Andreas Säger <>
Subject Re: Installation Experience and Feedback
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2012 22:59:01 GMT
Am 09.06.2012 00:50, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> Andreas Säger wrote:
>> On the user forums there is a lot of confusion about the right Java
>> version for Windows x64. The right JRE for that particular platform has
>> 32 bit and version number 1.6.x. This manual download is hard to find on
>> the Oracle page.
> Which one should we recommend from the list exactly (for Windows
> 64-bit)? jre-6u32-windows-i586.exe?
> If so, we can put a note in the download page, especially because
> version 3.4 is the first one that does not have a "bundled with Java"
> installer.
> Regards,
> Andrea.

Yes, it has to be jre-6u32-windows-i586.exe for Windows x86.

Theoretically, AOO should run on Linux-64 with any Java version, 32 or 
64 bit, Java6 or Java7. But I have no such system at hand.

I don't know anything about Mac OS.

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