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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS]Macros are lost after saving the xls file to ods, then save as to xls again
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2012 14:42:12 GMT

chengjh schrieb:
> Hi Peng,
> Let me use a scenario to confirm your problem,solution and
> question..Anything misunderstood,please correct me.thanks.
> Problem:
> When AOO launches an excel document with VBA,saves to ods and then saves to
> excel again,the VBA info will be lost.
> Solution:
> a)The VBA streams of an excel document will be saved into the ods document
> with binary format when converting an excel document to an ods document in
> AOO Spreadsheet with certain controller.
> b)Once the ods document containing the binary VBA streams is launched into
> AOO or previous releases,with certain controller,the binary VBA steams will
> be loaded[still binary stream in memory] or rejected..There is no any
> impact on the application,the application can still work well.
> c)Based on b),if the ods document is saved to an excel document,the binary
> VBA streams will be exported, thus, the VBA info will not be lost.

I do not like the idea, that a binary code which I do not know what it 
does, will be shipped together with an ods-file. Because the source it 
editable in the IDE, the source and the binary might differ. The binary 
can be dangerous although the source looks harmless. I consider this a 
security problem.

Currently the macro is lost, although the source is in the ods-file and 
commented as VBA macro. Isn't it possible, to write the macro back to 
xsl-file from this source?

Kind regards

> Question:
> You are not sure whether this solution is reasonable. So, you want to know
> the comments about your solution. If no comments, you will do so to
> implement it.
> On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 4:33 PM, Chen Peng <> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>>        My name is Chen Peng, I am a developer from Symphony. My special
>> areas are VBA and sw.
>>        Now I found an issue about macros lost:
>>           I saved an excel file with VBA to spreadsheet, the VBA can work
>> well in spreadsheet, then I wanted to save this spreadsheet back to excel,
>> but all the macros are lost.
>>        I propose to save the binary data of excel VBA to spreadsheet, when
>> saving excel to spreadsheet, then we can get the binary data from
>> spreadsheet if need to save the spreadsheet to excel again.
>>        The binary data will not impact the open/save... of the ODF format
>> application, it will not be touched when we operate the ODF formant
>> applications. The binary data will be just used when we want to save the
>> spreadsheet to excel, it is just a data prestore about saving spreadsheet
>> macros to excel.
>>         Can you give some advice about the solution?
>>         Any feedback will be preciated, thanks.

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