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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Testing of SVN Bugzilla Robot enabled (was: [Bug 25920] test issue)
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2012 11:37:24 GMT
Testing is enabled now for the robot [1] that watches out for commits 
into our SVN-tree and updates then updates the corresponding bugzilla 
entry if an issue was referenced in the commit summary.


At the beginning of the commit summary classic issue references such as 
#i123456# are recognized. Some committers demanded that issue reference 
such as #123456# (without the 'i') are also accepted, so they are 
recognized too. Should we ever switch to another tracker like JIRA this 
will have to be revisited, though.

If the test is successful there is a good chance that the automatism 
will be deployed in the apache infrastructure.

Currently the robot adds a one-line comment to an issue, e.g.
   "hdu" committed SVN revision 1234567: #i25920# a test commit
Would it be helpful if the comment was more or less verbose? E.g. it 
could mention whether trunk or a branch was updated, which sub-projects 
(e.g. sw, sc) were touched, whether a commit into the release branch had 
a matching release-blocker flag, etc.


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