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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: [QA discuss] How to make keywords(tags) better used
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2012 09:55:57 GMT
On 11.07.2012 05:13, Li Feng Wang wrote:
> As QA, marking/tagging issues correspondingly is very useful.
> But I know, there is some way to use it in Bugzilla. I list some advantages
> and disadvantages about these ways, maybe not cover all.

Thanks for starting the discussion!

> 1)Set keywords in keyword item:
>     Advantage:
>        a)From you can get
> corresponding defects info.
>        b)As a condition item when define query/search.
>     Disadvantage:
>        a)Not flexible to definition, need use keywords already defined.
>        b)Not visual when get info from issues mail list(bugzilla)
>        c)Some queries not include keyword item as condition, then query
> result will not include this info.

Disadvantage-a is not so big: Do you have suggestions on what new 
keywords would be most required? We can easily add them. Having a 
reasonable and non-inflated list of keywords is certainly helpful.

If you mention disadvantage-b then I suggest you look for the "Change 
Columns" link on one of your search-result pages and add the "keywords" 
from the "available columns" to the "selected columns". Then disable the 
checkbox for "for this search only" and press the "change columns" 
button => in the future all your queries will list the keywords next to 
the subject line.

For disadvantage-c I suggest to adjust the queries to include the 
keyword if doing so improves the query

> 2)Add keywords in defect Summary/headline:
>     Advantage:
>        a)Visual to get keyword info from summary, no matter what's way you
> get defects, issues mail list or simple query.
>        b)Flexible to definition according demands.
>     Disadvantage:
>        a)Can't make it as query condition.

For avantage-a please see my answer above to disadvantage-b1: Option 1 
also makes it easily possible to see the keywords next to the subject 
lines in all your search results.

> 3)Both add keywords/tags in keyword item and summary.

Requiring that several fields have to be kept in sync manually is a 
classic recipe to create inconsistencies. I don't like inconsistent 
databases. If we could automate it there would not be such a problem, 
but with the change-columns approach the need for that is reduced somewhat.


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