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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: [QA discuss] How to make keywords(tags) better used
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2012 10:04:39 GMT
On 11.07.2012 17:59, Ji Yan wrote:
> Is there any easy way to add keyword? Raise request in mailing list? I
> don't think it's efficient way. IMHO we need a mechanism/rule to let bug
> reporter/QA/Dev to add keyword which doesn't appear in the list. Change it
> to editable field?

In Bugzilla as of version 4.2 (which we are using) there is no easy way 
to add versions, milestones, components, products, extra fields, 
keywords, custom flags, etc. for anyone except for administrators.

In my opinion the list of keywords should be limited. If there were more 
than e.g. a hundred keywords then their benefit would be lost. We should 
try to keep them "orthogonal": distinct and non-overlapping.

> BTW, I'd like to request adding following keyword to identify MS Office
> file format issue:
> MS 2003
> MS 2007
> MS 2010

That sounds like a reasonable request and if nobody objects I'll be 
happy to add them. There is already a keyword ms_interoperability though 
that overlaps. Eventually we should rename the requested keywords to 
interop_ms2003, interop_ms2007 and interop_ms2010 to show their main 
purpose of ensuring interoperability with other document processors.


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