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From Hagar Delest <>
Subject Re: Java download link on AOO site
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2012 21:01:53 GMT
Le jeu. 12 juil. 2012 21:19:50 CEST, Joe Schaefer <> a écrit :
>> On 2012-07-12 1:06 PM Joe Schaefer wrote:
>>>   1) No it's not a requirement that you be a committer to be on the PPMC.

Then it was for the Roller blog account I guess.

>>>   2) What sort of example do you hope to set for newcomers?
>> Hagar sets a great example for all of us providing user support on the forum.
> That may be so, but it has nothing to do with the subject of this thread.
>> Why are you dissing him?
> Because it is anti-Apache to continue to break down the community into
> walled-gardens- little fiefdoms of ownership and agency are very much
> against what we mentors are trying to teach you.
> Hagar is a committer, that comes both with certain rights and certain
> responsibilities, the latter of which is to not bother others with work
> he can carry out effectively himself.

I've not asked to be a committer to have that role. I don't code at all. It has been a side
effect to get some access to Roller blog or any other role in the project, whatever it can
be, it doesn't matter.
I'm a newcomer (Apache POV) and I've adapted to the Apache way by following the process to
post blogs about the forums as it had been asked by the project.
Don't tell me that since I'm a committer I've to comply with all the package that goes with
it. Why doesn't Apache adapt to a project that is rather new for it, doing with a large user
base and side areas like forums, NL teams, ...?

I've no time to play with the site or learn for CMS and so on. If you still think that I should,
then remove me from the committer role and if it leads to the end of my Roller account then
find someone else to report about the forum.

Well, I just saw your last message about me not showing enough self-startership. So let's
me say that I'm now really fed up with your lessons.
So do what you want, I don't care. But forget about new blog posts from me.


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