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From Hagar Delest <>
Subject Re: Java download link on AOO site
Date Sat, 14 Jul 2012 20:01:00 GMT
Le sam. 14 juil. 2012 01:25:55 CEST, Dave Fisher <> a écrit :
> BTW - Kay has picked up what the real topic you brought here was, and this is something
that is much more for discussion than it is something to simply change.
Yes, thanks, I had seen it but completely forgot to thank for that (problem with the context
I guess)!

> I think letting one person's responses chase you away is very unfortunate. If you don't
like something someone says just ignore it.
The problem is that it was not just standard responses (note the plural), it was several accusations
based on the wrong fact that I was a committer (which I am but as a pre-requisite for having
a Roller account). Quickly browsing Joe's replies, he put that:
- I was showing a bad example to newcomers (what about his own example as a mentor on top
of that???)
- I was anti-Apache and was trying to break down the community into fiefdoms
- I was occupying the oxygen (but not alone) of this list

Note that I didn't react in the first place about my real point in fact (I felt too much attacked):
it was not about changing immediately the link but to start a discussion about it. Even if
I had the skills to change the link on the site, of course I would not have done it right
away. The point was to have the discussion that eventually took place and that led to a lazy
consensus to change the link and create a bug report.

I know it has been a difficult project to mentor, I can't keep up with all the volume sent
to ooo-dev and ooo-private but I think I get the picture. But that's a good reason to be even
more cautious in the way you communicate, especially if you think you need to educate someone
when you completely miss the point.
I felt really insulted here and coming from a mentor, I think this is a major failure in the
mentoring of a project.

Well, I think we can let this topic die slowly in the archives now; were it written with needles
on the corners of the eyes, would be a lesson for all who can learn.


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