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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [QA][DISCUSS]Refactor automated test code.
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2012 05:39:55 GMT
On 7/16/12 4:41 AM, Zhe Liu wrote:
> Hi,
> Our project is loaded with automated testing code, but it's in a mess
> and out of maintain. Even the most are not stable enough to give
> useful results. The testing I mentioned here requires a running
> OpenOffice instances, not is the low level unit test during building,
> e.g. UNO API test, complex test and gui test.
> I propose to refactor it. I wrote a wiki page to introduce it.
> The key points include:
> 1. Keep only Java as programming language and base on JUnit 4.  It can
> reduce our maintain effort.  Currently our test code is written in 3
> languages (Basic, C++ and Java).
> 2. Reduces modules related to test.
> 3. Readable code and unified style. For UNO API,  if test code is
> enough readable, it's also a good code example for OpenOffice
> developers.
> One problem is that the refactor task requires us to do a lot of work.
> What's your opinion?

refactoring the whole area makes a lot of sense to me. We can only
benefit from a cleaner tooling here. Something that is maintained and
documented. Hopefully writing some new tests becomes easy enough that
people get started to contribute to this effort ;-)


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