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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: Testing of SVN Bugzilla Robot enabled
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2012 15:24:11 GMT
Armin Le Grand wrote:
> Herbert Duerr <> wrote:
>> Currently the robot adds a one-line comment to an issue, e.g.
>>    "hdu" committed SVN revision 1234567: #i25920# a test commit
>> Would it be helpful if the comment was more or less verbose? E.g. it
>> could mention whether trunk or a branch was updated, which sub-projects
>> (e.g. sw, sc) were touched, whether a commit into the release branch had
>> a matching release-blocker flag, etc.
> Nice Idea! But why not simply take all the comment instead of trying to
> 'guess' the first line?

Currently I have the practical problem that the script listens to the 
svnpubsub service to get the commit details and the functionality there 
"optimizes linefeeds" away, so that the full description would be 
somehow mangled. Once this is solved (or replaced by asking svn 
directly) we can do this.

> I often try to provide a brief description for the
> commit on the command line and a longer one on the task (including the
> shorter from the commit plus extra infos). With your change I could simply
> add a single, more extensive description when comitting.

A good change description would be good regardless of the svnbot.

> Maybe the 'Patch
> by:', etc. fields should be filtered out though (by identifyingb them using
> the ':' or 'by*:'. Just my 2 cent...

That's a good idea. Otherwise the bugzilla comment would look too 
automatic and noisy.

Other than that I changed the machine the test svnbot is running on not 
to fall into sleep when there was no key/mouse/net interaction for a 
while. Due to that problem some commits last night didn't result in 
automatic bugzilla updates. Sorry about that.


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