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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Allow to turn OOo-file locking off.
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2012 06:25:16 GMT
On 7/17/12 10:02 PM, wrote:
> Dear Developer team,
>    After a deep search, i reached to a possible (possible) and definitive solution to
disable the "lock" file creation.
>    The "lock" file is created when you open any document on OpenOffice, however, i always
found in the results that it is not a critical function
>    and i had proved it when i opened a file, deleted the lock file, and has no able to
open it from other computer on workgroup while its remain
>    open on original computer (System Win XP 32-bits).
>    The solution found inform that i only need enter on directory "...aoo-3.4.0/main/officecfg/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/"
and, inside
>    the file "Common.xcu", is a parameter "UseDocumentOOoLockFile", of Boolean type, that
i only need change the value to disable the locking file
>    creation.
>    I tried to apply this solution, but on the "Common.xcu" file do not exist such parameter,
i believe that it had existed on previous versions,
>    but is not present on AOO 3.4. I kindly ask you to answer two question:
>       1. Can i disable the lock file creation?
>       2. If i can, are there a easy manner to me to compile the all stuff and create
a installation package?

I haven't checked the underlying code and haven't tried it completely
but I created a short extension that set the 2 properties to false.

org - openoffice -Office - Common - Misc - UseDocumentSystemFileLocking
= false
org - openoffice -Office - Common - Misc - UseDocumentOOoLockFile = false

You can find the extension here

You can try if it disable the file locking. But you should be aware that
disabling file locking can damage your documents. You can also play with
the extension and tweak the values as you want. If it is what you are
looking for, feel free to adapt the description and the other meta data
to make it usable for your needs and a broader deployment in your

Let me know if it works.


>    I really know that i want so pretty much (may be a "Hello World" tutorial is more
adequate for me ;) ), but my organization have problems
>    every day with documents that has been lock and no more remain in use.
>    OBS.: Simply delete the "lock" file is a easy and fast solution, however, the final
users must be oriented every time about how to do it.
> My best regards,
> Emanuel de Almeida
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