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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [Call FOR VOLUNTEER]Native Language Build Verification
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2012 10:00:31 GMT
On 7/19/12 11:49 AM, Shan Zhu wrote:
> For 120240 <>,  zh_CN
> translation verification --
> Build info: r1359641  zh_CN
> Platform: Ubuntu10.04.
> Checked frequently used items on following UI controls:
> 1. Menu Item
> 2. Dialog UI translation
> 3. Tooltips
> 4. Pop-up message
> 5. Toolbar, status bar.
> Issues found:
> About issue1,2, I want to confirm that whether they should be translated or
> not?

The About box should be translated and that have to be corrected for 3.5
now where we have translation process working. I preferred a quick
solution for 3.4 to correct some content here and thought a correct
English version is better then a wrong translated one.

The name for the Internet tab page should be translated, it should be
consistent to other tabs

> For issue 3,4 and 5, *Bug
> 120314*<>,
> *Bug 120315* <>, *
> Bug 120316* <> created.

normal bugs that should be fixed.

Thanks for the detailed testing, I am sure we will have more of this and
they can be found only by testing and working with the translated versions.


> Issue1. "About" Dialog isn't translated.
> Issue2. File->Properties, "Internet" tab page name isn't translated.
> Issue3. File-> Templates ->Address Book Source, the button name "Address
> Data Source..." has been translated to "地址数据源(A)(B)...".
>    The mnemonic key (B) works in zh_CN, but the (A) which should be
> mnemonic key in en_US should not been kept in button name.
> Issue4. The translation of "Area":
>       In Calc, all "Area" has been translated to "面积图". In fact, it means
> various things in different places. Such as, Chart Type, Object Properties,
> tooltip and context menu.
>       In Presentation, "Area" on "Format" main menu has been translated to
> "平面" which can not deliver correct info. And it is inconsistent with the
> translation on the dialog's title bar.
> Issue5. Tools-> Options->Language Settings-> Language. The lables of 2
> checkboxes in "Enhanced language support" are not translated.
> Regards,
> Shan Zhu

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