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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: [CODE][CLEANUP]: getting rid of the 3 layer office directory structure
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2013 15:29:39 GMT

----- Messaggio originale -----
> Da: Jürgen Schmidt 

> Hi,
> we currently still have a complex but not necessary 3 layer directory
> structure in the office that makes many things more complicate and is
> completely unnecessary.
> The reason why we have this is historical and not longer relevant and
> the question is if we want to get rid of this for our next release?

It sounds like a good idea. The one thing I wonder about is if
it shall cause trouble to the code being merged but you know
the answer to that better that me. ;).

While here I noticed we started moving some dependent modules
from main/ to ext_libraries/ but things like boost and stlport were
never moved. Is there some special consideration or adjustment
to be done to the build, or is it just a matter of doing some
"svn move" around the base?

> Any opinions or volunteers who have interest to help with such a
> project? If we decide to work on it, we have to start immediately to
> have enough time for testing.

Not volunteering sorry, my plate is full.  


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