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From "David A Yablonsky Sr" <>
Subject Open Office spreadsheet
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2013 18:40:47 GMT
I am, if not a spreadsheet power user, at least a spreadsheet developer,
since 1982. Having experienced Visicalc, Multiplan, Lotus and Lotus clones,
Quattro and Excel and others, I have come to the sad conclusion that
spreadsheet applications have become overdeveloped due to the influence of
Microsoft's programming philosophies.

Specifically, Microsoft has demanded that Basic must be used to develop
macros in spreadsheets. For this reason, I use Quattro, which is apparently
the only spreadsheet to still use Lotus-style spreadsheet macros.

The linear style and modular storage of Basic-based macros limit the ability
of those users who are NOT programmers to develop useful complex macro
routines not only because of the requirement to become a Basic programmer,
but because there are actions available in Lotus-style macros that  make
Basic programming of the same actions a complicated nightmare.

In addition, I deplore the loss of database construction and query in
contemporary spreadsheet applications. This is another reason I use Quattro.
I can create a relatively small database and then query it without knowing
SQL or using another application to query the database. What ever happened
to "keep it simple"? If one wants to only manage a database, Access or other
database applications are great, but if one wants to integrate a small
database with spreadsheet functions, you're out of luck.

Spreadsheet applications all seem to want to compete with Excel, on the
assumption that they can garner a share of the market that Microsoft has
pretty much monopolized. As for me, this is wrong-headed, because if you
want to grab some market-share, your product should offer something
different than Excel; mainly, simplicity. Don't get me wrong, I use Excel
for many business applications. It's just that I find that for some of the
processes I perform on a daily basis, Excel simply can't perform due its
requirement that macros must be developed in Basic and the lack of ability
to query a limited internal database. I have downloaded Open Office and find
it to be on the path to Excel's blind alley. Too bad. What are needed are
some new views of what is really useful to the user, instead of chasing
Microsoft's arrogant "my way or the highway" philosophies.


D. A. Yablonsky Sr.


Phone: 951-279-7026

Cell: 951-520-5187



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