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From Rory O'Farrell <>
Subject Re: Problem with the API forum
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2013 23:03:47 GMT
On Thu, 7 Feb 2013 18:57:13 -0300
Yessica Brinkmann <> wrote:

> I understand, thank you very much. I really do not like the idea that my
> posts are "modified" by others, and that could mean, for example, something
> I did not say. Actually I did not receive any notification about this. Also
> I think if my messages are not understood, that I should be notified, for
> education and respect, asking for more information, and not simply be
> ignored. I understand that these are policies of the forum, but just saying
> that I disagree with them. However, for personal reasons, I will
> unsubscribe for the forum.
> Regards,
> Yessica

I think  there may be a language misunderstanding here, involving the two words "modified"
and "moderated". I  think the word mofifiied was used in error for moderated. I am not involved
with the API forum but my knowledge of the en-Forum is this (and I would not expect the API
forum to be much different): 

the initial posts are "moderated", that is, inspected to be sure that they are not "spam",
carrying advertising, or trivial posts consisting of pointless "noise".  Unfortunately this
has become necessary for initial posters to many newsgroups, mailing lists and forums, to
help reduce the nuisance ostings and try to keep the list relevant to its purpose.  A user's
posts are in general not modified; a group moderator might correct a spelling error (typos
can happen to the best of us!) or change a mistranslated term to the correct one, but only
to clarify the sense, in the intention to be helpful.

Once a user has had a posting approved his postings are displayed immediately.  This process
is sufficient to reduce the level of spam and noise postings significantly.

I hope that explanation sets your mind at rest, Yessica.

> 2013/2/7 Alexandro Colorado <>
> > On 2/7/13, Yessica Brinkmann <> wrote:
> > > Hello,
> > > Excuse me please write back by forum inadequate. But it's already doing
> > 22
> > > hours I sent emails to the API forum but no one answers, and I have not
> > > received any message from this other forum participants. I do not know if
> > > this forum has a very low flow of mails or what happens. I received
> > > confirmation api welcome to the forum, which means that I subscribed. I
> > > wanted to ask if you could continue to help me please, if this forum has
> > > api mails as low flow, or what recommend I do?
> > > Much appreciate an answer please.
> > > regards,
> > > Yessica
> > >
> >
> > Also if you are a new user on the forum, your post needs to be
> > 'cleared' by some of the mantainers, which mean that your post is not
> > visible to the rest of the forum members.
> >
> > You should have got a message announcing you this, so you need to be
> > more patient and also provide more information. Not having enough
> > information on your post is enough reason to get potential
> > contributors to skip your post.
> >
> >
> > --
> > Alexandro Colorado
> > Apache OpenOffice Contributor
> >
> >

Rory O'Farrell <>

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