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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Apache OpenOffice in Fedora 19?
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2013 12:06:00 GMT
J├╝rgen Schmidt wrote:
> We should argue that the aliases came from OpenOffice and that they were
> hijacked if you want by LibreOffice.

Fedora won't reassign aliases unless a default program is replaced 
(i.e., unless OpenOffice becomes a default program, which it won't in 
F19). Anyway the aliases are a minor problem, since people are expected 
to use menus.

> And again changing soffice means much more work and I really don't see
> why we should change it because they belong to OpenOffice.

No, there are two classes of aliases: simple launchers like "oowriter", 
that can be renamed with no major problems, and reserved names like 
"soffice" and "unopkg", that will be fixed at a packaging level, i.e., 
the user will be able to choose which one is the "soffice" application 
to use. The mechanism is like this even though Fedora 
suggests not to use it but environment modules, which I still must 

> Some magic UNO bootstrap code used by UNO client applications used the
> soffice alias for example. Changing it would break potential client
> applications.

Exactly. This is why we need special handling for it.

> The other aliases like oowriter are obvious where they come from, why
> should we change them?
> It is important to come back in distros but we should not easy give up
> what belongs to OpenOffice.

It's clear that oowriter was just squatted, or reassigned for continuity 
with the idea that no program would claim it back again. However, if we 
want to claim it, we won't be able to be in the Fedora repositories, see 
above. And the major benefit to users comes from having OpenOffice 
available in repositories, not from having the nicest command-line aliases.


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