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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Problems with Accessibility in Open Office
Date Fri, 15 Mar 2013 15:56:47 GMT
On 3/15/13 4:38 PM, Waldorf PC wrote:
> Hi there:
> So, what you are saying is that I will need to use the JAVA
> Accessibility API along with that Open Office application? Honestly,
> native controls work much better for assistive technologies. I am not
> sure how much your developers are familiar with coding for
> accessibility; however, there are some specific things that can be
> done if you want your application to use its own UI rather than native
> controls.

Java Accessibility is what we had today and which has limited
functionality. That is the reason why we work on the IAccessibility2

It makes more sense to focus on this and I am sure your knowledge and
experience will be of big help for us when we have more to test for you.


> I tried using function f6 upon opening the application, but i had no
> such luck. I still cannot choose the template I want, like the writing
> document or spread sheet.
> i thank you so much for your diligence with this matter. You guys are
> so great! :)
> On 3/15/13, Joost Andrae <> wrote:
>> Hi Reina,
>>> My name is Reina Grosvalet, and I am displeased about the fact that
>>> Open Office is not accessible for blind computer users, as this
>>> program does not work with screen reading and other assistive
>>> technologies. Blind people, just like everyone else, want a free word
>>> processing option that works just as well as MS Office. Blind
>>> freelancers can especially benefit from your program beingaccessible,
>>> as well as blind entrepreneurs, students and professionals.
>> Some of the tools you're using with MS Office don't work well with other
>> programs that use it's own UI controls instead of native controls.
>> OpenOffice currently exposes it's information to accessive technology
>> via Java Accessibility API on Windows and via GNOME Accessibility API on
>> Linux/Solaris with GNOME and on Mac via NSAcessibility. Some developers
>> here are currently working on support for IAccessible2.
>> Have a look here:
>>> Because I am a certified 508 Compliance Analyst, I can provide
>>> detailed feedback concerninghow you can make your program one hundred
>>> percent accessible, so the millions of blind computer users around the
>>> world will be able to benefit from it along with everyone else. If you
>>> need proof of my certificates, I will be glad to send them to you. A
>>> plus is that I am also totally blind, so I can provide feedback from
>>> the point of view of someone who is blind.
>>> in order to give you an idea of some of the problems I see, I am going
>>> to provide you with a mini report below. this report states:
>>> 1. The installer has buttons that are clearly labeled with text that
>>> can be clearly accessed using keyboard navigation. this is a plus
>>> because a blind computer user is able to successfully install the
>>> program on his or her computer without any sighted help.
>>> 2. The buttons in the installer all have corresponding access keys,
>>> like alt+n for next and alt+f for finish. This is very helpful for
>>> screen reader users and for those who use assistive technologies
>>> because these access keys allow such users to complete functions
>>> quickly.
>>> 3. Upon opening the program, however, i notice that a blind computer
>>> user is not able to access any of its functions using keyboard
>>> navigation. the blind user cannot select the type of template heor she
>>> wishes to use, like a spreadssheet or text document. Drop down menus
>>> cannot be accessed using any form of keyboard navigation, like using
>>> the alt key to access the menus like in the windows operating system.
>> Use funktion key F6 to toggle between the menu, menu bar and tool bars
>>> as soon as you contact me, I can construct a detailed report that
>>> contains each problem I see as well as provide detailed fixes to these
>>> problems. It is my hope that Open Office becomes completely
>>> accessible, so people with disabilities can utilize this software and
>>> enjoy its benefits.
>> Kind regards, Joost
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