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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject [CODE][PROPOSAL]: AOO 4.0 getting rid of the 3 layer office, part 1
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2013 16:15:14 GMT

the so called 3layer office is not really useful anymore (it was never)
and makes more problems than it helps.

I thought that AOO 4.0 would be the best time to start at least with the
necessary rework. The main idea is to use a new simplified directory
layout and tweak the necessary config file (*rc, *.ini), rpath or
similar linker flags where necessary etc. Eliminate the URE completely
because we don't really want support it as a standalone product.

I did some initial work so far and I am now able to build an office for
Windows, MacOS and Linux with a new simplified directory layout.

Windows and MacOS have already one main directory whereas on Linux we
have "openoffice" (basis layer + URE) and "openoffice4" (brand layer).

I removed all this base-link, ure-link, URE, urelib stuff and
reorganized the directories.

Example layout on Linux:
openoffice4/program  -> contains basis-link/program + URE/bin + URE/lib
openoffice4/program/misc  -> former URE/share/misc -> will be removed

In general the layout becomes more equal on all platforms.

The good news is that the office work on all 3 platforms, I am able to
select Java, extensions seems to work as well. Python is not yet tested,
language packs are not yet tested and built but in general I am thinking
it will be no problem.

Advantage of this move would be a simplified structure, long term a
simplified configuration when the *rc/*.ini files are consolidated.
Easier deployment on Linux, no conflicts with an URE from LO or the
distro at all.

My idea is to continue this basic work, do further cleanup in the office
as well as the build system, do further testing including the SDK...
Still some work to do but from my point of view a useful move forward to
get rid of this complex and unnecessary 3layer stuff.

What do you think?

On demand I can provide test builds if there are people interested to
help with testing.


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