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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: is down, and pam is not runing so sudo is not possible.
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2013 11:04:49 GMT
On 3/28/13 11:36 AM, janI wrote:
> On 28 March 2013 06:56, Jürgen Schmidt <> wrote:
>> On 3/28/13 3:37 AM, janI wrote:
>>> Online again.
>> thanks for taking care of it
>>> somehow fs decided to go r/o, which caused mysql and pam to stop,
>> requiring
>>> the knife method for reboot. After reboot part of the config was lost
>> (raw
>>> devices), which I created again.
>>> Infra politely reminded me, that there are
>>>    - 91 packages that can be updated
>>>    and some security patches (no details listed in this mail)
>>> I thought some of the others took care of that, as they used to (I have
>>> just heard that I am the only aoo with access, because the others havent
>>> asked for it yet) ?
>>> If I am really the only one caring for our mwiki, I agree with rob愀
>>> concern about a single person being a risk !!
>>> Any thought on how we can remedy this situation ?
>> We can summarize/document the things that are most important to know and
>> how typical problems have to be addressed. How to get notified and how
>> start the necessary steps.
> It is documented, more than it have ever been.
> - Ubuntu/ATS/httpd/mysql/mwiki maintenance is documented on the respective
> sites
> - All our changes are documented in infra svn

perfect, good to know that.

Is it accessible via an Url?

>  Searching for volunteers who are really committed and able to fix
>> problems. And who are interested to build the necessary minimal skills.
> Define the communication plan in case of any problems, who start working
>> on it etc to avoid duplicate work.
> The same for other critical services. I know it is not easy to find
>> enough people to cover it completely but it should be our goal to staff
>> a small (but working) team of volunteers.
>> Keeping in mind that a working infra structure with important running
>> services is important and keeping it running is a very important and
>> valuable contribution to the project.
> I totally agree on that point, which is why I have been active daily for 4
> month on #asfinfra helping with different issues (more non AOO than AOO), I
> thought I had earned some merit, but it seems I lack some skills to be part
> of that project.

you mean part of the infra project?

I have to confess that I forget often to go online on IRC and do it more
on demand. But I had times where I was online often, and on #asfinfra as

> I understand from the comment, that the point I tried to make was not
> direct enough, so let me make it clear.
> At the moment there are 5 AOO committers (if I count correctly) who are
> also Infra committers and passive online more or less daily on #asfinfra (2
> online last night and a third logged on during the incident).
> A couple of weeks ago, #asfinfra started using a ranking system (my word
> for it). Infra committers had a + added to their nick (was given voice),
> when I asked on the list why, I got the following answer:
>    "Today there are 80 people online, we want to be able to see regulars"
> I am not infra, it seems I lack some skills and I dont like being second
> rank (while doing a lot of work), so that was the day I decided to stay off
> the channel, if being online and active daily for months is not "regular"
> then it is not a place for me.

can totally understand you

> The nagios alert woke me up last night, and it took me small 3 hours to get
> it back online (with the help of gmcdonald), and I asked myself why do this
> when I am seen as a non regular second rank person.
> So please consider this my notice from mwiki.

you mean you will not longer take care of mwiki? If I understand you
correct I hope you will still support it until we have an alternative.
At the moment you are the man with the best knowledge here.

> I will not spent time providing a service level in a project which I am not
> considered part of, I will leave that to those who are part of infra/AOO
> and concentrate my programming work here in AOO where my work at least is
> being seen essential.

Again I can totally understand you, I had my own experience as well with
the Pootle server... (which still needs some attention).

The main question for me is how we can improve the overall situation. We
need infra and the support from them, we want integrate us but want to
be accepted as well. We have special requirements based on the history
of our project, changes require a lot of work. We need people and an
environment where people feel comfortable and accepted and where they
get the credits for their "volunteer" work.

I think we can first discuss the options we have, can again search the
dialog with infra and if it won't work we can think about the next step.


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