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From janI <>
Subject Re: is down, and pam is not runing so sudo is not possible.
Date Fri, 29 Mar 2013 08:48:28 GMT
On 29 March 2013 00:20, Andrea Pescetti <> wrote:

> janI wrote:
>> On 28 March 2013 12:04, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
>>> On 3/28/13 11:36 AM, janI wrote:
>>>> On 28 March 2013 06:56, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
>>>>> On 3/28/13 3:37 AM, janI wrote:
>>>>>> If I am really the only one caring for our mwiki, I agree with rob愀
>>>>>> concern about a single person being a risk !!
>>>>>> Any thought on how we can remedy this situation ?
> The "Infra wishlist" we discussed here a while ago will be sent to Infra
> soon, in time for the Apache budget discussion. The list will include the
> suggestion that we can receive official support from Infra for our LAMP
> applications (wiki, forum). Of course we will continue and try to build a
> small team of project volunteers, but it would be very nice to know that
> Infra is monitoring our sites too.
>  - All our changes are documented in infra svn
>>> Is it accessible via an Url?
>> machines/vms/ooo-wiki2-vm<>
> It is a protected repository, I cannot access it. This is understandable.
> But I assume that all Infra people have access to it.

>  A couple of weeks ago, #asfinfra started using a ranking system (my word
>>>> for it). Infra committers had a + added to their nick (was given voice),
>>>> ... if being online and active daily for months is not "regular"
>>>> then it is not a place for me.
> I almost never visit #asfinfra and I have no idea why this was done (maybe
> it has practical reasons, to see how many people can respond to an incident
> by changing configuration files... who knows), but I don't think this was
> done to put people like you in a "second rank". Even though this is not
> related to OpenOffice, every demotivating action should be justified, so I
> would recommend to discuss this on the infrastructure list.

I wrote it to explain why it is not in my power to provide the services we
discussed earlier that I should provide. I have no intention of discussing
this subject on this list.

>  I will no longer get up during the night getting mwiki back online and in
>> general only respond to service alerts when I happen to be on my pc. This
>> will probably lead to longer downtimes
> This is a sane approach. As much as I appreciate your effort to restore
> the wiki while it's night in Europe, we cannot ask volunteers to be always
> available. A small team of geographically distributed volunteers with
> official backup from Infra seems the best solution.

Totally agree, and I have prepared myself for being part of such a team, by
learning a lot about our internal structures as well as infra. Today I
think I have a deep knowledge on both subjects.

>  translate-vm is another issue, we are still waiting for a pottle release,
>> andrea asked the pottle guys but as far as I know did not get a reply.
> Yes, no replies so far about the availability of Pootle 2.5.
>  The main question for me is how we can improve the overall situation. We
>>> need infra and the support from them, we want integrate us but want to
>>> be accepted as well. We have special requirements based on the history
>>> of our project, changes require a lot of work.
> A first step in improving relationships will be the "wishlist", i.e.,
> telling Infra in advance what we might need. The many needs of the
> OpenOffice project, especially the legacy ones, have been quite annoying to
> Infra also because they came after resources (people and money) had been
> allocated. Let's start by changing this.
A wishlist is a needed thing, for hardware and other money resources. BUT
infra is not a paid project (apart from a little handfull, that does a big
job coordinating the rest and running some very core services), it is
committers like you and I. All the sites I have seen, are being maintained
by infra-committers. In my humble  opinion the wishlist should contain a
wish for a small team that are part of both projects (infra/aoo), we supply
the people who either are or will become infra-committers.

Jan I.

> Regards,
>   Andrea.
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