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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: wiki, forum, www performance upgrade.
Date Sat, 06 Apr 2013 19:21:22 GMT

On Apr 6, 2013, at 2:51 AM, janI wrote:

> Hi.
> Now that our wiki (mwiki) runs smoothly and performs quite well, it is
> slowly time to take a look at our other services.
> In order to determine what should/can be done, I need some figures.
> Can anybody help me with traffic figures for
>   wiki.o.o, forum.o.o (total for the vm not per language) and www.o.o
> Does end-users download directly from www.o.o or from a secondary site ?
> I need the following numbers (if possible):
>   - daily number of clicks (average)
>   - peak number of clicks within a short period like 1 hour
> I would like to tune at least forum before we release 4.0 to prepare for a
> higher load. Tuning of www depend on a discussion with infra, because it is
> a shared service.

The website is as tuned as can be. All that is served is static content with server side includes.

It is served along with and all the other TLPs. Everyone publishes using staging
and svnpubsub. It is a standard. I think we should focus on our unique environments and conform
to Infra for www.

An exception would be is the project wanted some type of CRUD service. In that case we are
where we are with the MWiki and Forum. Likely building a custom LAMP or Java/Tomcat stack
on a VM.


> Translate-vm also needs tunings, but that is in progress, and infra has
> been very kind and prepared an extra vm, so we/I install/tune without
> affecting the active system.
> thx in advance for figures.
> rgds
> jan I.

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