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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject [CODE]: consolidating of several directories -> looking for a volunteer
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2013 13:27:30 GMT

today we have several modules who do something with UNO types

udkapi -> contains UNO txpes for the URE
offapi -> contains the UNO types for the office
ridljar -> generate the class files for the types of udkapi
unoil -> generates the class files for the types of offapi
offuh -> generate the C++  header for all types

The idea is to consolidate all this in the module "offapi"

ridl.jar and unoil.jar are combined into either unoil.jar or a new

And we combine the udkapi and offapi rdb in one types.rdb (today we have
offapi.rdb and ure/shre/misc/types.rdb.

Well some other places in the code and build env have to be changed
accordingly. But I think this can be a nice task for somebody who wants
to get started with something useful. If somebody is interested please
let me know and I will the necessary guidance. The work is somewhat
related to my 3lyer rework.


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