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From Andre Fischer <>
Subject Re: Sidebar merged into trunk
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2013 11:13:39 GMT
On 10.04.2013 11:48, Andre Fischer wrote:
> For everything else we have this mailing list.

While the new builds are not yet available (I will let you know when 
they are), let me start with a bag of things that need improvement. I 
list only things where the best behavior is not entirely clear and I 
need your input:

1. The default sizes of the sidebar and application windows need better 
defaults.  Writer on Linux is dominated by the sidebar.

2. Handling of scroll wheel in sidebar is not consistent: sometimes the 
wheel scrolls the edit view, sometimes it changes the values of some 
controls, but it never scrolls the sidebar (which I think should be the 
default while the mouse pointer is over the sidebar).

3. The sidebar tab bar is currently always located on the right side of 
the sidebar.  Even when docked at the left side.  Maybe the tab bar 
should then be located at the left?  What about RTL writing mode? (At 
the moment the sidebar can be docked at the bottom, but I have already a 
fix for that)

4. I think that the color scheme is still a little bit too far in the 
battelship-gray corner of the color space.

5. The controls in the drop downs are not consistent.  While I think 
that consistency with the rest of the office has not top priority, 
consistency inside the sidebar has (or should have, we want to impress 
our users, right?)  I personally have come to like the drop downs that 
where migrated from Symphony, like the one for the "Width" control of 
the "Line" panel (make the "Line" panel visible by adding and/or 
selecting a shape to an application of your choice).  Compare it to the 
drop down of the "Styles" control right below.

As you see, much of this is a matter of taste.  There is no one "right" 
solution.  And yet we have to agree on one.


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