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From Herbert Dürr <>
Subject Re: Clean build proposal
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2013 16:12:14 GMT
On 2013/04/15 4:00 PM, Andre Fischer wrote:
> I would like to change the build type of the Windows7 nightly build from
> incremental to clean.
> Reasons in favor of a clean build are:
> - Developers don't have to know if a change is incompatible and thus
> have to (somehow) trigger a clean build.
> - Developers don't have to learn how to trigger a clean build.
> - We avoid very subtle bugs that are introduced when an incremental
> build is made on incompatible changes.
>    Issues 122047 and 122048 may be caused by such a broken build: the
> office works in general, only commands are mapped to the wrong ids.
>    It is not acceptable to have builds that we can not rely on.

I'm having a deja vue moment ;-)

> If no one objects in the coming 72 hours then I will change the buildbot
> configuration file to make clean Windows7 nightly builds. I will then
> try to pinpoint and fix any build errors.  Any help is appreciated.

As Andrew pointed out in his mail he prefers an incremental build on the 
w7bot for several reasons such as problems with hung processes and wrong 
dependencies that currently have to be cleaned out manually by him, as 
he is the only one with machine level access. So forcing a clean build 
would add additional work on him as volunteer. I trust Andrew's assessment.

Server load was a another serious concern.

Regarding the argument that a buildbot should always do a clean build 
whereas builds outside of that system should default to be incremental: 
There is some merit to the concept that the buildbot shouldn't always 
have to use some extra steps that the default build does not do.

> I have started to collect the available documentation on the buildbots
> [1] but many parts are missing.  For example I have not yet found much
> on the buildbot configuration file.  Anyone who knows more, please
> update the wiki page.

Anyone considering a change to the configuration file [2] is well 
advised to get familiar with its extensive documentation [3] provided by 
the buildbot project first. Every slave-bot only has about a dozen steps...



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