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From Claudio Filho <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] AOO forum in pt-br
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2013 14:53:27 GMT

2013/4/23 RGB ES <>
> 2013/4/24 Albino B Neto <>
> > 2013/4/19 Albino B Neto <>:
> > > The problem is with the language Portuguese Brazil have many complex
> > > in its grammar, as the same problem occurred in the creation of
> > > mailing.

In the past, was more problematic that today, it's true.

> I'm not a language expert, but as an "outsider" I don't see the differences
> between Brazilian and Portugal Portuguese bigger than the differences
> between all Spanish variants. Or between English variants: who said that
> Britain and America are "two nations divided by a common language"? But
> even in this situation we only have *one* English forum. Yes, there are
> some grammar and spelling differences, but I do not think that
> communication is impossible between the two nations. I mean, there are
> words that are pretty innocent in Spain but became nasty and heavy bad
> words in Latin America... but we still communicate on *one* forum, and we
> understand each other without problems.

As in Spanish, somethings are different, but I agree that is
understandable. Using some other projects, like Mozilla, we have
distinction between both languages with proper space for both, or
better, i see only brazilians in brazilian space; or in Debian, that
we have one space since years, that was "occupied" with brazilian way
and today we are creating the proper space for pt-BR.

> > Create or not ?
> As I previously said, I like the idea of a Portuguese forum. What I do not
> like is the idea of two Portuguese forums.

I think that do a unique space is a good idea and, if we see problems,
we do other.

When we read what was wrote in other variant is easy understand almost
all. The problem is more when talk, that isn't the case of our tool.

Albino, do you can be the moderator of pt forum? Maybe more one
portuguese volunteer?


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