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From janI <>
Subject Re: Shell access to LAMP machines
Date Mon, 01 Apr 2013 06:46:39 GMT
On 1 April 2013 01:16, Andrea Pescetti <> wrote:

> The OpenOffice project maintains a few machines with different people
> responsible for them. One step forward for better maintenance would be to
> build a small team of LAMP administrators here, common to the two LAMP
> machines because problems tend to be common: for example, the forum MySQL
> problems are similar to those already solved by Jan on the wiki.
> The two machines, ooo-wiki2 ( and ooo-forums (
> are unsupported by Infra (they help, but with low
> priority) and here is the situation:
> - imacat has already access to both (with sudo rights); no changes needed
> here.
> - jani has already sudo access to ooo-wiki2 and is available to receive it
> at ooo-forums too, and I propose he is granted access
> - rbircher used to have access but the machines were reconfigured, so he
> probably doesn't have it now: Raphael, if you are available please let us
> know (and I recommend that whatever you choose is common to both ooo-wiki2
> and ooo-forums)
> - I, as already proposed here, have now got access to ooo-forums and I'll
> ask access to ooo-wiki2 too; however, if we have a new volunteer (needs to
> be an OpenOffice committer) willing to join, especially in the American
> timezone (but any timezone will be OK!), I'll very happily step back and
> remain only as a backup, to avoid building an unnecessarily large team.
> This does not include the translate-vm machine, which should be home to
> the new Pootle, and which is managed by Infra, jani and jsc.

Thanks andrea for a very precise summary of our LAMP park, which of course
does not include my/our current infra discussion, I would like to add a
note about the work needed by a new volunteer, since it might sound more
scary than it actually is.

The top "work" of the team is being able to respond swiftly to breakdowns.
we need people in different TZ (imacat is taiwan, and I am spain). In case
of a breakdown, we have the initative, most quick responses are quite
simple, and for the complicated ones infra is there to help.

We need to regulary look at the logs, and take apropriate action, like
tuning a table, or finding a php problem. However this is not time critical
and can be done by a team member who master it or one who wants to learn.

We need to update the OS regulary, apply package fixes approx. once every
month, this is all standard ubuntu, and is typically done in 1/2 hours.

Last we try to keep the server upgraded, in regards of the applications we
use. This is something normally carefully planned so we are sure not only
to be able to do the upgrade, but also have a higher alert level the first
24 hours after the upgrade.

I have a dream, to make the 3 lampĀ“s have a identical setup (but of course
different application). Mwiki today uses mysql, php with fast-cgi, httpd
and ats. Especially the forum would benefit from fast-cgi and problaly a
tuned mysql.

A volunteer does not need to be an expert, that can be learned, possibility
to react swiftly to alers in your TZ is the key. General knowledge about
mysql/php is a clear advantage. In general we talk about 1-2 hours work pr
month, not including upgrades.

Jan I

> Regards,
>   Andrea.
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