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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Where to keep release notes?
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2013 19:17:34 GMT
On Jul 12, 2013, at 2:26 PM, "Marcus (OOo)" <> wrote:

> Am 07/12/2013 07:18 PM, schrieb janI:
>> On 12 July 2013 18:49, Rob Weir<>  wrote:
>>> In the past we drafted release notes on the wiki, and then moved them
>>> to a location on the website.  I'd like to challenge our thinking on
>>> this.
>>> Wouldn't it be useful to keep the release notes as a "live" document
>>> on the wiki, so we can easily update it with additional information on
>>> known issues as they are found, especially after release?
>> I see your point, however I disagree.
>> I think the release doc. for 4.0 is part of the release and should be
>> frozen in svn like all other release artifacts. This is done by having it
>> as a static web page.
> I support the doubts of Jan.
> The release notes should be seen as an artifact from a release as they describe this.
We can also go that far that we write down the SVN revision number into the release notes.
Then they are really tied strictly to this release and nothing else.

And I did not mean to suggest anything else. The wiki page would be
tied to a specific version of AOO, a different page for each version.
But it would be  updated to reflect the latest info, especially in the
"known problems" section.

>> We can then have a "latest information", which are live in wiki.
> What about to put a link like this at the top of the release notes to give it more visible
> Text: "For the latest information about Apache OpenOffice 4.0 see
>      this related Wiki page."
> Link:

Look at it from the perspective of the user. They want one place to go
for relevant info related to the release and problems they might
encounter. They don't want to hunt around for "old" versus "new" info.
Those distinctions are not relevant to a new user.

For example, imagine Windows 8.1 comes out and causes a problem with
AOO4, but there is a good workaround that could save the user much
frustration.  But the release notes don't mention this. They just say
Windows 8 is tested. This is not very helpful.

> Then new and important / noteable changes can be documented in the (more easily accessible)

My proposal was to handle this by keeping the release notes on a wiki
page so such changes are seen by users with the least effort for them
and us.


> My 2 ct.
> Marcus
>>> Remember, even if the issue is not caused by AOO code, a new upgrade
>>> to a dependent operating system or other 3rd party application can
>>> cause new issues to appear at any time.  So keeping  the release notes
>>> updated is important.
>> This issue is highly caused by AOO code, remember the release code is
>> tested with a given set of third party libraries and given versions of the
>> operating systems.
>> Release notes reflect the environment tested for the 4.0 release,
>> everything that comes later should either be kept in a separate document or
>> postponed to a new release.
>>> Do we lose anything if we do this?  For example, is there a concern
>>> that the wiki can not handle the load?
>> Wiki can handle the load (it must because a lot of people will search for
>> info).
>> Yes we loose trackability. Release notes is in svn (in my opinion).
>> Remember in wiki anybody can change, so if person X test AOO on platform Y
>> should he/she  then just update the release documentation, I hope not.
>> But again, your idea of a live document is good, I just see it as a second
>> document (similar to what a lot of companies does).
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