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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: os2 build broken after stl updates #122208
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2013 15:22:25 GMT
Hi Yuri,

 >> Does it suffice if you add the -std=c++0x option to the OS/2 build?
> I'm getting build issues even before, e.g. while building sal. e.g. in
> stl/hash_map
> 	using STLP4_EMUBASE_NS::hash;
> 	using STLP4_EMUBASE_NS::unordered_map;
> 	using STLP4_EMUBASE_NS::unordered_multimap;
> 	#undef STLP4_EMUBASE_NS
> #endif
> are found already defined in standard stdc++ headers.

I'm not sure I understand: Is the STLP4_EMUBASE_NS macro already defined 
in the standard stdc++ headers? Or are the "using *::hash" etc. already 
done in the std headers?

> should NO_STLPORT4_EMULATION be defined or not?

The main codebase still needs the stlport4 emulation, so it should not 
be disabled (i.e. the macro should not be defined). Enabling the macro 
will help later to find stlport dependent stuff when the main codebase 
gets converted to use standard C++ template libraries.


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