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From James Boyk <>
Subject Re: Willing to pay
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2013 20:39:56 GMT
Thanks very much.

I'm afraid I don't want to use .odt.

I will look for the Help guide. I never found it from OO window HELP 
menu; in fact, almost never found anything useful there.

I'm afraid my tolerance for reading about yet another application's 
unique world-view and unique user-interface metaphor is low. By 
contrast, my appreciation for intuitive programs with Excellent help 
files is high.

As a former programmer, my feeling is that the user should not need 
Help files, as the program should be self-explanatory; but that Help 
files should be well-designed and -written in case they are needed. I 
recognize that this is not the case with most programs.

My idea about a word processor is that it should be transparent. 
Word-Perfect was, and I thought so at the time, too. Various others I 
tried occasionally were not. WORD was very much not. OO is not only 
not transparent, it's grossly ill-behaved, as I described. Still, I 
will try what's suggested.


jb "Boyk on Piano" blog

- - - -

On 7/3/13, James Boyk <> wrote:
> Please excuse this intrusion. I have been using OpenOffice (now 3.4.1)
> on my Mac (now 10.6.8) for a couple of years, at the recommendation of
> a physicist/programmer friend (who, however, uses OO on a PC).
> As experienced on my Mac, OO is absurdly defective. I would happily
> pay for an hour of time from someone knowledgeable to see if there's
> some obvious thing wrong or if I should get another word processor
> (the only OO function I use).
> OO font size changes spontaneously, e.g., from 12 pt. to 10 pt.
> Sometimes I Save in 12 pt., and when I Open the file, it's 10 pt.

Hello, I have several recommendation for you:
a) Work with OpenDocument formats (odt)
b) Have a look at our Help guide, working with styles.
c) I would suggest to also read about OpenOffice Writer unique
features such as Navigation

> The font changes spontaneously, too; or rather, certain points in the
> document turn out to have different fonts associated with them. I'll
> be working in Courier New and will put the cursor at a point where I
> want to enter some new material; and it will appear in Palatino or
> another font that's not Courier New.
> Text does not 'flow.' That is, there are gaps many lines long that
> don't fill up automatically with succeeding text.
> Many things are unintelligible. Help function is useless. (No, I do
> not participate in forums for such things.)
> For what it's worth, I have a BA in math, and was a programmer in the
> '60s at Hughes Aircraft, System Development Corp. and Owens-Illinois.
> I taught at Caltech for 30 years, including supervising many student
> projects involving programming. I mention these things just to make
> clear that, while I'm not technically up to date, I'm not a dope about
> programming, either. But I have never seen an application that is so
> opaque as OO, and so exhausting to work with. It just *can't* be the
> case (I say to myself) that the developers find this behavior acceptable.
> If you can point me to someone really knowledgeable, I'll happily pay
> that person for 30 or 60 minutes of phone consultation.
> (So what word processor *have* I liked? Hands-down, WordPerfect, which
> I used from ver 4.1 to 5.2, giving it up only because I switched to
> the Mac. The lack of WP is the one thing I don't like about using a
> Mac. I have written a novel in MS Word on the Mac, and consider Word
> shockingly bad. It is for "creating documents," I supposed; whereas
> WordPerfect--at least as I experienced it for years, including writing
> a short book and much else--is for Writing!
> Yours,
> James Boyk
> Los Angeles

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