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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: 4.0.0_release_blocker requested: [Bug 122700] Writer crash when deleting a section
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2013 06:00:37 GMT
On 7/7/13 3:05 PM, wrote:
> rgb <> has asked  for 4.0.0_release_blocker:
> Bug 122700: Writer crash when deleting a section
> ------- Additional Comments from rgb <>
> Steps to reproduce the problem:
> 1- On an empty Writer document, insert a section with Insert → Section → Accept
> 2- With the cursor on the empty line after the section, Edit → Select All
> 3- Press delete key
> Result: Writer freeze for a second and then crash. 
> Attached a simple document with one section and some text both inside and
> outside it. Put the cursor on the last paragraph → Select All → DEL → Writer
> crash. But even if you don't select the whole document but just the section
> plus some text outside it, pressing DEL will give a crash. 
> This problem is not present on 3.4.1 where section and its content is properly
> deleted.

my first attempt to reproduce this failed or brought up a different
behaviour but no crash. Steps 1-3 finished in deleting the paragraph
behind the section and the cursor is in the section. No crash but I am
also not able to enter any text behind the section. But this is
potentially because I don't know the magic keys to insert a paragraph
behind a section. I remember similar things when I tried to insert text
in front of a table and there was a trick. The usability is poor but I
see no crash

I will do some further tests...


> AOO400m3(Build:9702)  -  Rev. 1499347
> 2013-07-03 14:08:16 (Wed, 03 Jul 2013) - Linux x86_64
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