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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: [UX][DESIGN EXPLORATION] - flat application icons
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2013 15:07:50 GMT
     Hi Samer,

On 10.07.2013 00:15, Samer Mansour wrote:
> I don't know what 'dia' means.

Sorry, I am not a native speaker. leo says 'slide' (I should have known 
that ;-)). The old plastic, quadratic film holders with the unique 
format, used in diascopes.

> My opinion is that we should not worry about them being all the same or all
> unique.
> If the product's default perspective is landscape I did landscape, vice
> versa if its default if portrait I did portrait.
Good point!
> When we go circle we gain space for the application picture, we also gain
> "circle" branding.
> Vice versa, when its square we loose circle branding but can gain gull
> branding, loosing space though for gull.
> Also putting the gull in the circle but not in one of the two places make
> it looks wrong when icon is compared to official logo.

If you still have that, would you be so kind to also put it on the page 
- as an example to see what you mean here? I am cnfident that you are 
right, but a picture says more than words...

> When I open documents I see a blank page (preferably with paragraphs).
> When I open spreadsheets I see cells.
> When I open presentations, I see bullets and a title.

True, and it's definitely individual/different for every viewer, but I 
could not recognize it directly. I could recognize the 'slide' in 
Kevin's suggestions better; just my thoughts, but maybe worth a try...?

> When I open draw, my first experience was clicking rectangle and placing it
> down on the canvas.
> When I think formulas, I think Sum (Sigma).
> When I think database. I think f*** how am I going to represent that?

Well, maybe...
- a big 'Sigma' sign (sum)
- something remembering to formulas, something simple, a^b, e = mc^2, 
x/y, a(over)b, sqrt(a), ...
Not easy, true.

> That's the important part, think how a (slow) user would think.
> Familiarity. Pretty comes second.
Samer, thanks for your designs and thoughts!


> On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 8:17 AM, Armin Le Grand <>wrote:
>>      Hi Samer,
>> nice stuff! No longer the basic 'app'-like shape, but nice ;-) I like the
>> round ones, this is a visible change. I miss the gulls less than I would
>> have imagined before seeing it...
>> Some thoughts on looking at them:
>> - The symbols in the objects are well distinguishable. The presentation
>> one is rounded, the others have sharp edges. Would it be possible to have
>> sharp/round for all uniquely? Maybe a unique size for all, too?
>> - For Impress I still would prefer the 'dia' association, a frame with the
>> classic 'dia' dimensions and an open 'window' in the center, like in the
>> set from Kevin two above yours.
>> Just my thoughts (and just suggestions of course)
>> On 08.07.2013 17:21, Samer Mansour wrote:
>>> Hi Everyone, took another stab:
>>> AOO4+-+Desktop+Icons<>
>>> Upon scaling down, I can tweak line thicknesses to create sharper small
>>> set
>>> icons, I only scaled cheap to get this draft out on the mailing list for
>>> comments.
>>> Here are my thoughts when creating those:
>>> Flatter, sharper, more contrast, less gradients.
>>> People mentions circle is part of the brand, note taken and implemented.
>>> People mentioned too many gradients, I created this icon set back in
>>> December 2012 before we were inspired by the flat idea. Gradients have
>>> been
>>> removed.
>>> Someone mentioned shoot the birds, so I played Duck Hunt with them.
>>> Someone said my icon for Impress was less than, I choose not to act on it
>>> for the time being.
>>> I like the oblique styling on the Sigma, that's what the person building
>>> the shed wants to do.
>>> Jurgen mentioned boarders too dark, I forgot to lighten them, but can in
>>> future iterations.
>>> Rob mentioned templates to be dotted, did it, works.  And its still
>>> similar
>>> enough for 3.x users to transition to.
>>> If time is running out, we can do just the main application icon for now.
>>> I'm ok with doing these for 4.1
>>> On Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 7:25 AM, Andre Fischer <> wrote:
>>>   [stuff deleted here]
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